Sunday Tipple

After the rain comes the sunshine!

The rainfall today felt so pleasant after yesterday’s Saturday swelter

And to add to that cool weekend vibe – I have another one of my helpful suggestion for keeping you cool this summer.

This little concoction is the perfect Sunday tipple:

5-10 Fresh mint leaves (garden grown ideally.. straight format he Sussex flower bed and in to the blender!)

4-5 Rose Petals (these too are straight from the garden and allowed to dry out it he sunshine… you can also buy dried ones from Waitrose;))

Slice of cucumber

Squirt of Lemon or Lime (organic are best!)

2 cups fresh filtered water

Add all ingredients including 2 cups of fresh filtered water- blend and serve…. et VOILA!

Rose soothes the stomach and mind; mint is an excellent digestive and stomach soother; lime adds freshness and purifies the liver; cucumber is cooling for the system… all in all not a bad little health concoction:)

You can also add 1 cup of raw organic coconut water or fresh aloe vera as my creative, ayurvedic cooking mentor Daniela Wolf suggested (at her satsang last Monday on “The Wisdom & Alchemy of Ayurevdic Cooking”  at Evolve Wellness Center).

Emily Reed