Bliss Bombs Recipe

Autumnal Bliss Bombs - gently warming & grounding

Makes 10-15 bombs


1/2 cup dry chia seedswonderfully soothing and moisturising for dry digestion which can be caused by excess Vata (air and space elements)

2 tabls fresh ground flax seed - extractive and

5-6 fresh medjool datessweet and juicy- nicely grounding and augmenting

1 cup organic desiccated coconut

1/2 cup organic almonds- soaked over night and peeled. If your digestion is sensitive which it can be during seasonal change…. ensure if you eat things like NUTS (which are more challenging to digest) they are soaked over night and have the skins removed.  

1/2 cup raw cacao powder

2- teaspoons fresh ground cardamomnicely warming spice for the digestion and soothes any dryness from the

2 teaspoons fresh ground cinnamon- soothing, warming and good for digestion.

Pinch of rock salt

1 inch fresh chopped gingerwonderful for regulating digestion, warming and cleaning.

Dried rose petals- soothing and help cultivate calm

For finish: raw carob, coconut, cinnamon,cardamom and rose petals

How to…

Chop up dates and remove stones and soak with chia seeds in warm water. Leave for 15 minutes until chia seeds become jellied.

Add chia/dates mix to blender with soaked almonds, salt, coconut, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and a few rose petals. Blend slowly until everything mixes in. NB- make sure its not too runny. Should be thick and sticky consistency.

Then make small golf ball shapes by rolling the mixture into the palm of your hand. For finish – put some raw carob (which is different to CACAO because it is NOT a stimulant), cinnamon and cardamom on a plate and roll the ball in the mixture for a dry coat.


Emily Reed