All or Nothing

What is sustainable living?

In this context it means curbing the tendency to swing from over-over doing to exhaustion, collapse and burn out.

The pattern for many goes something like this:

It’s go-go-go:

There is a in-built mechanism that dictates the only way to do things is by filling time and moving fast.

It can be something that’s ingrained from our childhood- a reverberating voice that reminds you” life is a race and you have to keep up”.

It can also be something exciting happening, or challenging.

Things can quickly fuel behaviours such as over-committing, over-doing, over scheduling, over expecting. This can go on for an extended period of time for some. It propels lack of focus, lack of clarity, anxiety, stress, insomnia.

The result?


Or a minor collapse of fatigue. You rest for a day. A few days.

Yet and as soon as a whiff of energy returns… it’s straight back in to the fiery fray of everyday life.

This type of behaviour literally BURNS the system.

According to Ayurveda there is excess AIR and FIRE elements in play (Vata and Pitta). The mind and body is over stimulated. It cannot unpick itself without proper rest, quiet and regulation.

How can I find moderation?

Well it takes willingness to be well and to do things differently a lot to curb this type of behaviour. If there is a genuine desire to life a healthier, more balanced, sustainable life… you can transform your approach to life. This will create a more enjoyable, contented life overall.

Here is a TOP TIP:

Reign it in before you get to your maximum capacity. Your maximum capacity needs to be a few steps before you collapse.

Always hold back some fuel for yourself.

A wise teacher once shared with me that she never gaves her “all” to anything. Especially not her clients or work. She would give 80% and hold back 20% for her own reserves. That way she could sustain challenge and intense times, without over doing, getting tired, stressed and exhausted. The amazing thing was- she always seemed to give so much. This is because she had respect for her limits in her capacity to “offer”.  I saw that what she gave came from a sustainable place inside her. It created a sustainable “well” from which she could access clarity, patience, inner peace and deliver her teachings. This “sustainable” balanced state she embodied as a result of having awareness of the threshold of her limits and maintaining her boundaries, actually amplified her teaching and inspired so many.


This is how we conserve.
This is how we create a more sustainable way of living.
This is how we can ENJOY life more!
This is how we can each contribute to a more balanced, sustainable society.

Nature figured it out.

As part of nature- isn’t it time you did?

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Emily Reed