The yearend squeeze


The September- December stretch is typically a time where many hit “energy OUT ONLY” mode. The mountains of “to dos” and feelings of “I should” go or be part of…

It has been an unusual turn of events for me. From September I was committed to spending time in London (yes for once!).

The plan was to re-igniting projects for wellness & transformation; continue to build and work with 5 Elements client wellness coaching sessions; write briefs for wellness in businesses/organisations; co-create retreats and events. It was all going well and then…

I was called for jury service..
It lasted 7 weeks (and that’s a whole other story!)

It was busy
I had to redefine HOW I was spending my time. Some clients were happy to be seen either early mornings or evenings. Sometimes I did both around jury commitments. Weekend became filled with clients I could not see during the week; teaching (trainings, classes); business project meetings.

It was intense
There were moments where I felt tired.
Very tired.
There was little “puff” in me for additional output for things I would normally be involved with. And some things fell away as a result: project opportunities, some social things. This I  welcome – everything has a cycle (see more below).

I was wondering how it was all going to “fit” in.
I wondered where it was going to end?

So what did I do?

Here are a few simple things:

  • The ancient proverb/affirmation: “carry water – chop wood” was mumbled daily under my  breath.

  • I got my head down and cut out any excess “doing” to favour rest and most of all “quiet”.

  • I made the effort to keep my days regular with meals and sleep time where I could.

  • Got body/energy work once a week.

  • I reminded myself regularly: there is GRACE in the UNGRACEFUL, letting things be perfectly IMPERFECT. And…

  • I sang!.. and danced (sometimes just me, myself and I- at home:)).

I have come away feeling achievement.

Whilst it felt tiring at the time- seeing clients first thing before long days at court follow day often more client sessions in the evening or classes at time my energy was pretty consistent overall. I underwent all with grace (despite not always feeling it at the time).

So here I am finally with a time for proper REST.
A time for being with loved friends of all ages and places in the world.
A time for reflection, deep love and nurture.
My own mini retreat (before the new year and retreat(s) begin!).

Learn to manage your energy – it’s a vital tool for life.

  • Soften the lens

  • Unpick the knots

  • Refine the focus

Energy management helps you become more productive, creative and efficient at whatever you do be it work, relationships, life. It will help you cultivate a more sustainability in life and JOY!

Emily Reed