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Is it time for your summer wellness RHYTHM & RITUAL tuning?

NEW Summer sizzle!

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And now to the ritual and rhythm of the season...

Last month we passed the peak of summer on the 21st June.

The days and nights can feel steamy - even if the sun ain’t got it's hat on.

Personally I like to stay cool, calm and collected.
Especially when I am trudging around the URBAN jungle that is London!

HOW do I do it?

By respecting the rhythms of the day AND season my beauties!

Here’s a snap shot:

On hotter days I typically tweak:

  • YOGA practices: Opt for moon salutations for morning stretching; additionally I invite pauses in tadasana or childs pose between the flow.

  • BREATHING: Sitali(cooling) pranayama for breathing exercises

  • DIET: Favour bitter, sweet and astringent tastes for meals (all in moderation and with augmenting and extractive foods balance).

    • For example:

      • bitter taste: dark leafy greens; dandelion root and mint leaf tea; cucumber water; aloe vera

      • sweet taste: cooked whole grains and sweet root veggies (I especially use organic barley mixed with organic basmati white rice 2-4 times a week as part of a meal);

      • Astringent taste: summer/Mediterranean flavoured moong dal (lentils) - with mint and coriander garnish.

      • Learn more about my Ayurvedic approach to happy digestion.

  • MEAL TIMES: Plan the main meal for midday and typically take lighter items at breakfast and dinner.

  • OUT & ABOUT: Me & my HAT! Sun visa, floppy hat, TURBAN(!) keeps the sun off my head and face. I also try to avoid moving around in the middle of the day, I enjoy walks or plan errands during the cooler times of the day.

    • Want to know what NON TOXIC, chemical free Sun cream I recommend? Message me quoting: Summertime Ritual & RHYTHM. I have an awesome brand to share!

Common symptoms seen in my family, friends, clients this time of year:

  • Sun rashes, fevers, inflammations, skin outbreaks/eruptions and infections.

  • Loose bowels, diarrhoea, nausea.

And also

  • Agitation, over-stimulation that can lead to broken sleep, disturbed digestion and overwhelm

Want to understand more about YOUR PERSONAL summer rituals and rhythms for YOUR constitution?

Learn more about my Ayurvedic approach to happy digestion. 

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Take good care and KEEP sunshine serene.


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