Springtime - The Season of Earth, Water & Sensuality

Hello & Spring ISHTAR greetings,
"ISHTAR" greetings?
Yes. Ish-tar. Pronounced Eeesh-taaar (a bit like EAS-TER no?)

Ishtar is a name from Babylonian era for the goddess ISHTAR who governed abundance, sex and fertility.

Well that just TOTALLY makes sense to me given this is the season of ABUNDANCE, GROWTH & BLOOM. 

In the Ayurvedic seasonal clock this is the season of  the Earth and Water elements. The solid, stable strength of earth supporting all the growth. The dewy sensual, nurturing qualities of water, nourishing the new buds and soothing any rough edges...

(... errrrm anyone else feeling the Spring sensual thing?!)

SEE HERE... for a li'l video on the season of "EARTH, WATER & Sensuality" ... filmed whilst perched in an apple tree! 

Emily Reed