Art of Balance

“It is a life of moderation and balance that allows us to grow most swiftly”.

(Thank you and amen Rev John Ernst –  a snippet of his whimsical channelling of truth).

I mean COME ON!

We’ve all heard it all before right?

Not once.

Or twice, but

MANY times.

Despite the growth in popularity of health and well being in society (it has sky rocketed this last decade) a life of balance and moderation for many as the way to cultivate better overall health  is STILL…. just SO NOT SEXY!

Or “interesting”.

Or the route to finding health and well being for some.

(Because there has to be another way so I can STILL do all the things that f*#k me up right?!).

I am observing how many people, especially those in some seemingly popular “hip” yoga communities or spiritual paths, like to promote:

“I don’t need to get caught up with balance and “routine”… that’s just so limiting and anal!”


“Life should be TOTALLEEE spontaneous man”-  I decide in the moment what I want to eat, do, who I want to see etc. I also can decide to make destructive choices around my relationships, food, substances and will justify it by offering the feeble excuse of “because t’s all about balance”.

Cue a post on social media about- “my Saturday afternoon – today I choose to engage in destructive habits around people, foods and substances”… WHY?- because I CAN was the feeble premise.

And because I want to prove a point to those who have chosen to cultivate a little more moderation in life. Which ultimately what proper yoga and ayurveda instills as a byproduct of the proper practices.

It’s sad that these people feel they need to tell the cyber world “I’m a rebel and want to show others it’s cool to be self destructive.”

It’s sad because the truth might be that they can’t help but self destructive, would like to have more moderation and balance (and a more stable MIND) and can’t do it… so want to vent at those that have made decisions to be more moderate.

Well I slightly exaggerate but that’s the premise-

Firstly TRUE I 100% agree no one should be getting obsessive or stuck and rigid about anything.

Especially not health and well being.

Obsession and rigidity is NOT healthy.

That’s just as destructive.

Secondly– in my view it is NOT cool or helpful to promote your own messy behaviours just because you cannot live with the shame of it yourself. I believe teachers and promoters of yoga, ayurveda and health/well being should support finding the middle road… and yes share that they struggle with that if that is the truth- but not reprimand those that choose to live with a little more moderation on all levels.

The basic wisdom is this:

  • There are times to eat and times to not eat.

  • Times to work and times to play.

  • Times to sleep and times to be active and engaged.

  • Times to be social and interact and times to be alone.

  • Time to be intimate and time to refrain.

“One action is no more important than the other - this we MUST also see” says the beautiful wise soul Rev John Ernst:

“It is in the balance and totality of ALL our movement and thoughts that our life UNFOLDS and gives meaning to itself.”


This is how we find TRUE Health in the contentment, inner peace and joy we cultivate.

Let me make it clear - this is not about being GOOD. (Awww gawwwwd that is such a “cringe” making term: hearing people say “you are so GOOD” or “I’m being so good”. This is nothing but a desperate seeking of approval and will doubtless end in disaster… that’s a blog post for another time!).

Emily Reed