Codes for Contented Living

Using the moral codes framework from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, this five part course applies the ancient principles to modern day lifestyles. These ancient codes (Yamas) are pillars that help cultivate a purposeful, meaningful and contented life.

Isn’t that what everyone seeks at some level?

Each 2.5hr session offers 1 hour of practice (asana, pranayama, meditation) followed by interactive discussion, journalling and reflection. A relaxed group meal is shared at the end of each session.


Thursday 25 April , 11-1.30pm - “DROP THE AGRO - cultivate kindness, consideration and respect”

Sunday 19 May, 3-5.30pm - “SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, MEAN WHAT YOU SAY - speak and live truth”

Thursday 20 June, 11-1.30pm - “IF IT’S NOT YOURS - DON‘T TAKE IT: respect property, time and energy”

Sunday 22 September, 3-5.30pm - “PRESERVE & CONSERVE - the mojo of life”

Thursday 10 October, 11-1.30pm - “DITCH the GREED - take ONLY what you need”


£200 for all 5 sessions (£40/session)


£45 drop in

Email me directly to register and for payment details.


The Shala, London, W14.

A private home shala. All mats and equipment provided.

Nearest tube: Olympia or Holland Park