About Emily

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In 2001, my mother, an established reiki and radionics practitioner, encouraged me to find a healing path to ease my mind and reduce severe insomnia.

In my search, I discovered yoga and later encountered the transformational practices of Ayurveda in Kerala in 2006. Little did I know that these ancient practices were to open up a deep chasm of intrigue, self-study and adventure which was to become a life path.

The experience and teachings of Yoga caught me at the right time. Yoga took (and continues to take) commitment and in return, it offered a path to a happier, healthier and more realised existence. It teaches me to move through the ebbs and flows of life with much greater ease and acceptance. As a result, I find I can meet challenges in a more measured way without causing deep stress to myself or those around me.

Waking up

Before I knew it, after years of exploring and learning, I began to “wake up”. Wake up to who I am, to what truly inspires me and to my unique path in life.

Increasingly I felt the desire to teach, guide, inspire, uplift, mentor and help people find a greater understanding of themselves and life around them.

I learnt firsthand how essential it is that well being comes from within, that we metaphorically have to put the oxygen masks on ourselves before we try and help anyone else.



Using the tools of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and more Unitive Personal and Professional Development Coaching (TM), I help people to create better relationships with themselves and others, as well as cultivate a life that supports better health and overall contentment. 

Every year, I spend time in an Ayurvedic community in Tamil Nadu, South India where I guide Ayurveda retreats and continue my own studies with Dr A.R. Ramada.

This is a lifelong journey. I continue to explore, travel and spend time with teachers whom I believe communicate deep wisdom from a place of non-judgment and presence. This is how I hope to share.

may all beings everywhere be happy and free