Courses & Workshops

An afternoon of Ayurveda : The Rituals & Rhythms of Autumn

Sunday 22 September 2-4pm

The Life Centre, Notting Hill

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An afternoon of Ayurveda: Celebrating Rituals & Rhythms of Autumn

Saturday 12th October 12.30-3pm

Flow Yoga, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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The Foundations of Ayurveda & The 5 Elements - a 5 week course

Sundays 3.15-4.45pm

Dates: 13,20 October; 3,10,17 November 2020

The Life Centre, Notting Hill

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An afternoon of Ayurveda: The Rituals & Rhythms of Winter

Friday 6th December, 12.30-3pm

Flow Yoga, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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Codes for Contented Living

This course is for anyone interested in developing greater contentment in daily life.

Using the ancient moral framework from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras this five part course offers meaningful, modern day approaches to developing greater purpose, inspiration and overall contentment life.

Isn’t that what everyone wants? READ ON BELOW.

Each 2.5hr session will consist of:

1hr practice (asana/free movement, pranayama (breathing/centring) and meditation) and the latter part will be interactive discussion, journalling and reflection.

The session ends with a relaxed, group meal.


Thursday 25 April - 11-1.30pm : “Drop the Aggro! Cultivate kindness, consideration and respect”

Sunday 19 May - 3-5.30pm : “Say what you mean - Mean what you say: Speak and live Truth”

Thursday 20 June - 11-1.30pm : “If it’s not yours - don’t take it! Respect property, time and space”

Sunday 22 September - 3-5.30pm : “Preserve & Conserve the vital mojo”

Thursday 10 October - 11-1.30pm : “Let go of Greed - Take only what you Need”


£200 for all 5 sessions (£40/session)

£45 drop in


The Shala, W14. A private home Shala with all equipment for yoga practices (mats, props etc).

Nearest tube: Holland Park or Olympia.

Registration & Payment

Email me directly for bank details and to reserve your space.

Why do this course?

With it's roots in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras the CODES for a CONTENTED life course sessions offer tools to develop greater purpose, meaning and contentment in daily life.

I have created this new Codes for Contented Living course in a 5 part series bringing Ancient Wisdom to modern day lifestyles and relationships.

Who’s it for?

  • The individuals willing to create more “contentment” in life;

  • Wellness coaches, teachers and practitioners who want to implement these tools in to their sessions with clients etc.

How do I fall out of alignment with inner values?

Life perpetually showers outside distractions.

Of course one can ENJOY and delight in these things…

HOWEVER the art of contented living is to not attach to outside life (people, places and things) being the source of inner joy and fulfilment.

We’re all human (most of us anyway!)

The human tendency is to seek MORE of that which delivers instantaneous gratification (WhatsApp messages, Instagram likes, shopping, sex, substances- you name it!) unless there are some parameters (moral values and practices) that help keep the inner stability.

Ancient wisdoms share that if discontent is experienced and/or a lack of direction and meaning - there is a mis-alignment with inner MORAL values.

The Codes for a Contented life course will create greater awareness around MORAL values for living a more harmonious and meaningful life.

Join the Codes for a Contented Life course


Bring greater meaning and joy in to your life!