Managing Energy

Why might you care about:

Managing your energy; and UN-learning negative behavioural patterns?

Well….if you:

Want to feel healthier, happier and cultivate a more sustainable, harmonious way of living. Perhaps you want to have better relationships with yourself and others? Or maybe you want to be more productive, creative and successful in all that you do? Ultimately, if you want to live in a healthier, happier, more harmonious society for yourself and you children and future generations… then the message is clear…

Take responsibility for our own SH*T!


Learn to manage your energy.

I had developed them over time as coping mechanisms. It was my way of “surviving”. I don’t know how I learnt them- but inevitably they came from parenting (and I love my parents/family deeply); schooling (I enjoyed school); professional life (loved my corporate jobs-ish(!) at the time); relationships (had some beautiful friendships and partners over the years). Experiencing life means we interact with our stuff and other peoples stuff. We meet a situation and there is not only the present situation there is my past experience which sends me messages/images of things I have been to before (the mind is always scanning to see what is similar and what can we identify/label) and then the other person’s experience and how they respond to the situation. It’s a real HOTCH potch!

Each situation and experience in life shapes us.

This is how we “accumulate” stuff. I created a wiring system (behaviours and reactions) that helped me navigate my way through daily life; I came to believe these were safe and reasonable.  I was mostly operating from a place of “fogginess” – imbalance due to living in extremes and over stimulating the senses: late nights, irregular sleeping patterns, unbalanced meals, stimulants etc.. Over the years of accumulated junk (that had not been unpacked), it meant I lacked an ability to discriminate between what was “truth” in a situation and what was fabrication- “untruth”. I couldn’t see what was “too much” and what is “too little”.

I then had to learn HOW to grow out of these behaviours. I had to go through a process of UN-learning and DE-constructing.

How did I do this?

I learnt how to MANAGE my ENERGY.

The main tools that had the most impact came from the ancient philosophies of Ayurveda & Yoga. I also worked with other wondrous modalities such as coaching, mentoring, bio-resonance, and energy work. I still use these techniques regularly today as they help me so much in my relationships with myself and others.

Get in touch to learn how to manage yours today.

Emily Reed