Castor Magic

Today this is ONE of my POTENT daily #selfcare solutions for summer sizzle.

Yes… my grandma was right when she suggested castor oil for cooling and nourishing the skin. At the time I dismissed it as being something old people used!


Well my dears-

  1. It’s magically soothing and COOOOOLING for the skin (when applied externally).

  2. It’s a wonderful MOISTURISER to combat the DRY from the heat.

  3. It’s supremely GROUNDING and calming for the system- which is helpful after travel or busy periods that can elevate the Vata-va-va-voooom!

  4. It sure as hell DON T smell! Yes Castor oil is mostly odourless . The glorified sesame oil (which I 100% rate  and use for the tremendous grounding and nourishment it offers for the skin and mind) carries an “odour”. This odour is not always well received when staying with friends/family and sleeping in their sheets… or using towels that are not my own! Sesame oil is also HEATING people!.. It is not good in the summer swelter… unless you really want to FRY!

This last year I rekindled my love for castor oil, the seemingly mundane (and FYI generally cheap and easy to come by oil). It’s a wonderful healing tonic for many health and beauty aspects. These I discovered through the time tested eastern system of health and well being known as Ayurveda (the LORE of living/science of life)

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For now though- I SHARE MY Top SUMMER SIZZLE TIP on HOW I USE it:)…

Visualise this :

Full body lather (or abhyanga as it’s known in Ayurveda);

Be coated in this CASTOR COAT for 5-25 mins before a cooling shower;


I’m often just smearing it over my feet at night before bed

Dabbling a little in my ears too.


  • Cool body;

  • Smooth and hydrated skin;

  • Promotes calm and centred-ness (even if from the simple application ritual itself)

These are definitely PLUSES amidst the wilds of New York Summer Sizzles.

Ayurveda for modern day living:). Simple suggestions for everyday well being:).

Emily Reed