ATAR- what?


Literally meaning: “unperturbedness”.

This ain’t no mumbo-jumbo. It’s an ancient GREEK philosophical term for what is described as:

“ROBUST equanimity”; characterised by an “ongoing freedom of distress and worry”.

So peeps…..NOW is the time!

Let it be a year for (re-)kindling ATARAXIA!

START TODAY with the 5 Elements sessions.

5 ELEMENTS for LIVING sessions

  • £200/month includes x1 60mins one to one session; unlimited support via SMS/email/phone call for 1 month  (30 days).

  • £500/3 months  includes x3 60minute one to one sessions; unlimited support via SMS/email/phone call for 3 months (90 days).  

  • Ongoing support for current clients & students £90/month

Ancient wisdoms (pre-dating the Greek philosophical eras) tell us the true nature at our core as a soul aligns with the concept of ATARAXIA. Deep within we know balance, inner peace, clarity, focus, unconditional love, joy, contentment and freedom.

These TRUE qualities become buried as a result of our human experience from birth to date.

It’s the HUMAN rite of passage to loose – and (hopefully) re-find.

The relationships we engage in, the impressions cast by parents, education, work, society have woven layer upon layer of veils that blur and obscure the ability to feel the TRUE nature that lies beneath.

Our HERO/HEROINE’s journey in LIFE is to break these patterns…and UN-VEIL the TRUE nature beneath. Un-LEARN the patterns that bring blindness and forgetfulness.


BEGIN with this exercise:

OBSERVE any behaviours and mind sets (voices in the head) that BLOCK the state of ATARAXIA. That take you in to stress, anger, jealousy, envy, fear….

Ask yourself this:

Do I want to be more…

  • Productive?

  • Creative?

  • Successful?

…In what I do ( be it work, relationships, life etc)?


Do I want to cultivate…

  • Wellness in body and mind

  • Healthy and harmonious relationships with myself and others

  • Contentment with myself and life

If the answer is YES to any of the above…

…Let 2019 be the year for awakening YOUR ataraxia!


Don’t hold yourself back any longer!

I created the “5 Elements of Living” programmes.

So you can be the best YOU – you can be.

Emily Reed