I went on my first yoga retreat in 2005.

Looking back, I didn’t know what to expect.

It was something about the silence in the mornings, the daily rhythm of practices, meals and rest that made me feel whole.

Beautiful, natural surroundings were the back drop for the morning rituals of yoga, breathing and contemplations. The daily routine with regular meal times, getting up and going to bed times stabilised and soothed my overly active mind. These were key components on the retreat that offered me a much needed switch off. They then became a framework that supported the waking up to who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.

I make time to retreat every year.

WHY? Because we all need time to observe, reflect and get perspective on things.

AND… I love leading retreats!

It’s a sacred adventure we all go on together. Each member is respected as they are and has space to peel back the layers and unpick the knots in body and mind. Retreat settings are in peaceful, supportive environment far away from the day to day hubbub of life. I always choose destinations with very significant, nurturing qualities; places where nature and the environment acts as a cushion or catalyst.



It totally exceeded my expectations and I’ve come away feeling alive. I have slept so unbelievably well this week it’s made me realise how little sleep I was surviving on and how awful I felt with constant anxiety and insomnia. It’s made me realise that I don’t just want Yoga in my life but I NEED yoga in my life and all the wonderful meditations and relaxations we practiced too. I slept 7 hours straight last night which I haven’t done for years! I just wish I was closer to your classes Emily.”

Davina A, Surrey

“Emily’s warmth and presence alone are enough to make you slow down, unwind, and embrace just ‘being’. It was a perfect combination of yoga, meditation, delicious food, down time on the couch, and embracing beautiful fresh country air. I’d recommend anyone take the time out of their day to day to ‘escape’ for a few days and reap the rejuvenating benefits in the days and weeks to come!”

Danielle B, London

“Living in the environment of a family home, where every room has its history, but also every room has been made available for the yoga retreat was a wonderful feeling. The meditation, yoga, restorative and more active, the chanting, fire ceremony, little touches like hot drinks ready outside the Shala, and books available to be read by the open fire in the drawing room, all contributed beautifully to a magnificent feeling of being welcome and being well. The practice was great, and being guided through the practice with generosity and competence was a pleasure. The retreat and the hosts all fitted in beautifully to make this a very special week-end. Emily, this is a very special way to run a retreat, and I say that with the confidence of someone who knows about running retreats! Thank you very much.”

Marina W, London

“A deeply soothing, relaxing break where yogis of all levels can meet like minded people and practice lots of meditation, pranayama and yoga. No expectations are placed on you and you can do as little or as much as you want, which is a lovely thing. Emily is a fabulously intuitive teacher who is able to gear her practices and cater for all levels. This is a restorative retreat that really helps those who need some time out!”

Beth H, London

 “I loved it. It was a present to myself to unwind and stop and give some nourishment to myself. It really helped me connect with me again. I felt stronger somehow”.

Chantal C, Hertfordshire

 “The weekend definitely lived up to my expectations and was great value for money. The food was plentiful, delicious and creative. The venue was perfect- lots of nature, peace and space to just be if you wanted to.

I had a very positive experience. You really inspired me to get out there and put into practise all that I have learned.”

Carole P, Yoga Teacher, Midlands