It has been the most humbling and revealing experience I have ever had. Thank you for your steadfast guidance, thoughtful self-inquiry, rituals and wicked sense of humour!
— Charlotte, London
I cannot recommend enough the Ayurvedic retreat in India with Emily.

It has been so transformative, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Emily made all the difference guiding me through. I came back regenerated, so much more relaxed and calm… and with determination to keep my daily routine, which makes me feel both serene, grounded and energised. One month on, I still feel all the benefits. I liked it so much that I already booked to do this retreat again in January 2020.
— Claude, London
I’ve known Emily since 2012 when I first went to her Yoga and meditation class; from then onwards I was hooked. Her authentic teaching comes from her personal belief, passion to support others in finding their own rhythm for better health and wellbeing on all levels. Her wisdom and knowledge shines through her.
— Sue, London
Emily’s warmth and presence alone are enough to make you slow down, unwind, and embrace just ‘being’. I’d recommend anyone take the time out of their day to day to ‘escape’ for a few days on this retreat and reap the rejuvenating benefits in the days and weeks to come!
— Danielle, London
Emily is a fabulously intuitive teacher and guide who is able to gear her sessions for all levels. This restorative retreat really helps those who need some time out!
— Beth, London
It totally exceeded my expectations and I’ve come away feeling alive. I have slept so unbelievably well this week it’s made me realise how little sleep I was surviving on and how awful I felt with constant anxiety and insomnia. It’s made me realise that I don’t just want Yoga & Ayurveda in my life but I NEED yoga in my life and all the wonderful meditations and relaxations we practiced too. I slept 7 hours straight last night which I haven’t done for years! I just wish I was closer to your classes Emily.
— Davina, Surrey
Emily made all the difference guiding me through the 5 Elements programme.
It has been so transformative, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A real detox for the body and the mind. 
— Claude, London
The space Emily holds for everyone to feel safe, nurtured and nourished is simply beautiful. I walk in feeling like two nights couldn’t possibly be enough and walk away feeling like I’ve been away for weeks, feeling fully restored and recharged. I always leave Sussex feeling I have more clarity and certainty about my own life.
— Danielle, London
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a glorious weekend! It’s been an incredible experience to share and connect with such radiant beings but to also to reconnect to myself and welcome the dawn of a new Spring. I cannot wait for the next edition.
— Verity, Kent
It was so wonderful to…reconnect with myself after a very frantic week. This week has been as busy as ever for me but, it’s been easier to manage after the weekend of self care. Thank you for welcoming us into your home and for pouring out so much love, care, and kindness. We were truly spoilt If only EVERY weekend could be spent this way……
— Katie, London
I’d had a few weeks out of balance
Arriving late, I ran to your classroom
Within minutes I knew I was in the right place
Your spiritual glow could save anyone from gloom
And then you mentioned Ayurveda
It was like the universe had led me to you
I’d been desperate to find a yogi
Who taught the ancient wisdom as you do
And then you talked about an Indian trip
And I couldn’t believe my ears
An Ayurvedic retreat in this country
Had been my wish for the last two years
Now we’re here, and I can’t thankyou enough
For all that you’ve done for me
Guiding us to be more Sattvic
Teaching us Vedic philosophies
Vaidyagrama has been a life highlight
I’m so grateful for your efforts to make it so
Thankyou for teaching us from the heart
You’ve shared so much light to help us grow
Our group meetings have been so inspiring
And we have so much admiration for you
I couldn’t have asked for anything better
You’ve made all my Ayurvedic retreat dreams come true.
— A poem for Emily from Natalie: written in 2016 whilst on the Ayurveda India retreat