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From JULY 2019:

Book in to see Emily for your private holistic wellness sessions at

her new clinic in South Kensington, London, SW7

I am passionate about inspiring and guiding you to live with greater wellness. This means helping you become more aware of how you live; how you operate and interact at home, in relationships with yourself and others. And overall how you approach life.

I work with people from all backgrounds who have a genuine desire to make positive changes in their lives.

These sessions require commitment, work and you being responsible and being willing to change for the better. My role is to create the safe sanctuary and offer suggestions. The rest - is up to you.

It is YOU that holds the power for your own healing and healthier existence.

YOU have the answers you need deep within yourself. I work steadily with you to assist you in bringing your inner wisdom and power to heal to the surface.

I draw on many different tools and skills to offer holistic suggestions for your better health and well being.



  • Ayurveda - Qualified Ayurvedic Health Counsellor and practitioner; NAMA approved certification.

  • Yoga practices - Asana (physical movement and poses); breath work for optimum health and relaxation; meditation; guided relaxation; ERYT 500hour yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer.

  • Digestive health - Using the 5 elements and an Ayurvedic approach for healthy digestion for body and mind

  • Coaching and mentorship - Certified Unitive Personal Development coach

  • Body/Subtle energy work - Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments (N.B: only as part of a 5 elements wellness package). Reiki; Subtle body and facial Marma therapy (as initiated by Myra Lewin of Hale Pule) and  Sattvic touch therapy 


And why Digestion?

If we cannot digest our food, we cannot digest our thoughts, emotions and experience of life.

This is a key part of healing according to Ayurveda- the oldest system of health and wellness known to humankind. Ayurveda means the “science” (veda) of “living” (Ayur). I work with you to find a manageable, daily self-care routine that brings you back to your true state of health on all levels. When we feel better, we find more purpose in all aspects of our lives and have a better experience of life overall.

Generally I suggest we work together every other week (sometimes every 3 weeks or once a month- depending on the individual). I recommend regular (sometimes daily) catch ups via email, SMS or phone. Regular checking in and support and is a powerful way to keep us focused and committed on the path of change.

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