Here’s what all ancient systems of health and well-being have discovered: Learning to efficiently manage your energy is the way to a healthier, happier, more sustainable way of living.

Mentoring with me helps you find effective techniques to manage your energy AND:

  • build better relationships with yourself and others;

  • feel healthier body and mind;

  • cultivate a greater overall sense of inner peace and harmony;

  • discover more freedom in how you live, work and relate to others on a day to day basis.

AND there’s MORE…

this is how you can:

  • Open yourself to the possibilities of life;

  • Live to YOUR full potential

Private mentoring helps you review what things you would like to flourish in all aspects of your life.

I work with people to help them ascertain how they can  channel things that help them move towards a more harmonious way of living. Learning to manage energy is a vital part of this and daily practice and takes some discipline at first.

I work with many different people, from different ages, backgrounds and cultures. All have a unifying desire and willingness to live a better life body and mind on a day to day basis.

It’s also not easy when life entices you to continue to LEAK energy. Getting distracted by what others are doing, caught in detrimental “social norms”  will suck you dry of your vitality and inner harmony if you let it.

How do I know if I am LEAKING my mojo/vital energy?…

…Do ONE or more of the following ring true for you?

Are you feeling perpetually tired; depleted; lacking motivation; confused- find it hard to make decisions; lack focus and direction; bloated; constipated; diarrhoea/loose bowels; digestive issues; anxiety; frustration; irritable; low/subdued; groggy especially in the mornings; problems sleeping etc?

These are each a symptom of energy LEAK.

As individuals we can deplete energy through every action or non action, thoughts, words, deeds. Even through things that are supposed to be “good” for us. I know… kind of difficult to get my head round too at times!

DISCOVER HOW to manage your energy more efficiently for a healthier, happier more sustainable way of living.


Ancient wisdoms (pre-dating the Greek philosophical eras) tell us the true nature at our core as a soul aligns with the concept of Ataraxia - literally meaning: “unperturbedness”. It’s an ancient Greek philosophical term for what is described as: “Robust equanimity”; characterised by an “ongoing freedom of distress and worry”.

NOW is the time

Deep within we know balance, inner peace, clarity, focus, unconditional love, joy, contentment and freedom.

These true qualities become buried as a result of our human experience from birth to date.

It’s the human right of passage to loose – and (hopefully) re-find.

The relationships we engage in, the impressions cast by parents, education, work, society have woven layer upon layer of veils that blur and obscure the ability to feel the true nature that lies beneath.

Our hero/heroine’s journey in life is to break these patterns…and unveil the true nature beneath. Unlearn the patterns that bring blindness and forgetfulness.


Don’t hold yourself back any longer!


 I created the 5 Elements Mentoring programmes so you can be the best YOU – you can be.

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