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UNLOCKING the Mystery of Ayurveda

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Filmed March 2019

This is a journey through the 5 elements to enhance self-awareness. The intention is to inspire further inquiry in to the ancient and profound system of health and wellness.

The series is an INTRODUCTION to the concepts of Ayurveda- the ancient system of health, longevity and healing that was established in India 5-10,000 years ago. Ayurveda literally means “life” (Ayur) and “science” or “philosophy”. It is rooted in the rituals and rhythms of the science of nature.

The 6 parts- offers an overview session (prologue) on the series followed by 15-20 minute videos on each of the 5 pancha maha bhutas (5 great elements): earth, water, fire, air and ether.

What is the 5 elements theory?

According to ancient Vedic philosophies- our body, minds, lives, relationships and everything we know in life are seen as different (unique) compositions of the 5 elements. Even the most complex of theories can be broken down in to the 5 elemental components. When they are balanced- we experience overall wellness and health. We have healthy relationships with ourselves and others. Society (made up of the 5 elements) is also operating in a balanced and sustainability way.

When these elements are disturbed, as naturally they will be due to the ever changing nature of life, then dis-ease begins.

Pain and suffering will begin to manifest. Burn out, overindulgence, depletion etc creates monstrosities in our inner biological organism and in the out biological organism of society and nature that we are all part of.

The sessions offer descriptions, to guide awareness of the elements in your body and mind as well as lifestyle and relationships. It offers practices to connect you to the 5 foundations of life.

INTERVIEW with by Danielle Brooker

There's More Choice Than Ever When It Comes To Health And Wellness - Here's What Matters Most.

Emily Reed, Founder of Wellness from Within, has studied and taught wellness practices (including Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation) extensively for the past 15 years.

She could easily give advice on which next tool you should be ‘using’ amongst all the options. Instead, when I spoke to her earlier this month as part of a series of Women In Wellness interviews, she suggested sustainable wellness is less about which tool and more about having the right structure in place.

SOUL SEED MEDIA article, 2016 by Dorry Golden

SOUL SEED MEDIA article, 2016 by Dorry Golden


REVIEW & INTERVIEW with Soul Seed Media

Andalusia, Spain 2016

It’s super inspiring to connect with yoga teachers who are passionate, kind, and open-hearted. London-based Emily Reed is at the top of the list! After attending Emily’s transformative retreat in the hills of Andalusia (read the review here), we asked her some questions to learn more about her personal yoga journey.