An Ayurveda Retreat Immersion: The Yoga of Wellbeing, India

By invitation only

January 14, 2020 - February 3, 2020

This is a Well Being Retreat Immersion for CURRENT clients and students ONLY.

5 spaces.

During this immersion you experience the Ayurvedic system of health and well being along with guided support from Emily.

Ayurveda is the Yoga of Living Well. This is time to fully unwind and surrender to the healing process. Letting go and letting in nurture can be a challenge for many. Especially when life is about the “Go, GO… GO”. Rise to the challenge! Ultimate healing comes from the willingness to LET GO and be nurtured.


Vaidya - Healer/healing
Grama – Space/village

I discovered Vaidyagrama in 2011 in it’s early stages of evolution.

Within my first 24 hours I was struck by the deep, pure vibration of healing that emanates from the land. Set in a rugged farming landscape, the great ghats (hills) in Central Tamil Nadu loom in the distance. The landscape has blossomed in to a lavish oasis of green. Today the plants and ecosystems thrive in a jungle around Vaidyagrama. As per the collective vision they have and continue to contribute to a balanced eco- system that supports the vicinity and the neighboring farmlands.

Vaidygarama can house up to 70 people today. There are 10-12 clusters (4 rooms/mini apartments with a private mini courtyard and treatment block attached. Dr Ramadas and his team of therapists and junior doctors will visit daily to do checks and see how you are resending to your experience of Vaidygagrama and the herbal treatments each day. There are 3 fresh prepared meals a day delivered to your room in a metal tiffin. All meals are to support the agni (digestive process) as part of the dosha balancing restorative program.

We will be visiting during one of the most profound festival seasons. There will be weekly (2-3 times a week sometimes!) special pujas (ceremonies) in the prayer shala at Vaidyagrama. We will have a ceremony for the harvest festival Pongal; Devi festival for the goddess and the famous and supremely powerful and mesmerizing Sarpa Bali puja (Snake puja). The Snake Puja pujaris (tantric priests) who perform these rituals are one of 3 shaman families in South India. They are from a lineage of families who have performed these ceremonies for generations. These are powerful sessions that can last 1-3 hours. Being able to witness these being performed in a space where there are not hundreds/thousands of others is precious and very rare. This will all add to the flavor of your experience.

The Vaidyagrama foundation - Punarnava Trust:

The vision of the Punarnava Trust (the charitable foundation arm of Vaidyagrama) is what keeps me going back year upon year.

And this is it:

We can all live in a better, more sustainable, healthier world - and if we really want to see it- we need to “BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE” in the world around us.

We can set an intention to cultivate greater health and life.

During your stay I guide you through your own personalised, Ayurvedic well being experience.


Ayurveda sees all things (including us) as different compositions of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ethers).

You receive daily Ayurvedic treatments that aim to restore balance to the elements in your constitution. Every morning after the sacred sunrise puja (ceremony), we gather for group sharing and centring.

No official yoga asana sessions will be offered due to the healing treatment process and Vaidyagrama requirements. 

Journaling and group discussions are part of the daily routine experience. There are optional one to one sessions with me as Ayurvedic Health Counsellor, Ayurvedic treatment practitioner and coach. I offer support and guidance with life transition: for example implementing practices that support your wellbeing in to your daily life; refining focus and clarity in relationships, work, family etc; living in line with one’s purpose.


As a member of the Vaidyagrama family, I arrange private talks for the retreat group with the founder visionary of Vaidyagrama, Dr Ram Kumar and other senior doctors. We can also have private cooking classes and tours of the kitchen (including idli making and dosa flipping!) and an intimate discussion with Geetha Mohandas who manages the growth and builds the vision for the future of Vaidyagrama. I also orchestrate a special ceremony at the temple of Dhanvantari (the Hindu God of healing).


This 21 day Ayurveda experience is for you if:

  • You are keen to “dip your toes” in to the deep ocean of Ayurveda – the ancient, Eastern holistic system of health and healing. It an excellent introduction if you are keen to learn and most of all experience some of what Ayurevda has to offer for health on all levels.

  • You want to learn more about how to bring the principles of Ayurveda in to your everyday home life.

  • You want to experience authentic Ayurveda in the space from where it derived – India.

  • You want to get some REST and BOOST your IMMUNE SYSTEM and overall health following the festive season. It’s a wonderful commitment to establishing better health routines for the start of the new year.

  • You want to meet people from different cultures and countries.

  • You want an adventure- after all this in India. The “letting go” process is a necessity and an integral part of the experience!

Dates and cost details:


16 day (16 nights) - arrive 14th January- finish 28th January 2020:

Single room with private spacious bathroom, terrace, hall and bedroom: £3500


21 day (21 nights) - arrive c.12th-14th January - finish c.1st February 2020

Single room with private spacious bathroom, terrace, hall and bedroom: £4600

Email for booking form for full payment details and cancellation policy. 

This retreat programme is offered to CURRENT clients and students ONLY.

It is limited to 5 people offering an intimate and personalised experience.

This includes:

  • Daily individualised Ayurveda treatments for 21 days

  •  Accommodation at Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village, Coimbatore, India

  •  Ayurveda Medicines (herbal liquids and powders) while in treatment

  •  Daily consultations with Vaidyagrama Physicians- your personal doctor

  •  Full consultation at start of immersion

  •  Full discharge consultation at end of 21 days;

  •  Emergency care at Vaidyagrama

  • All fresh cooked, wholesome meals, snacks, and herbal teas (simple, easy to digest, Ayurvedic vegetarian food)

  • Transportation to and from Coimbatore Airport (CJB) only. If you are coming from Chennai or Kochi- you will need to make your own arrangements and pay for the fares.

 Additional features:

  • Guided by Emily Reed, Ayurvedic Healthcare Counsellor, Wellness Mentor/Coach, Facilitator and Teacher

  • 5 Elements for Living support and coaching group sessions with Emily.

  • One to one sessions with Emily additionally available.

  • Breathing and meditation walks guided by Emily

  • Sessions on cultivating a healthy digestive process

  • Morning and evening talks, satsangs, chants, yoga nidra class and meditations given by Vaidyagrama

  • Regular prayers, pujas and ceremonies at Vaidyagrama

  • Library access at posted times

  • Punarnava Trust store access for on-campus purchases such as clothing, books, etc.

  • Opportunity to plant a tree or bush at Vaidyagrama’s botanical garden

  • The support of a group of like-minded beings

 What’s Not Included:

  • Emergency care outside Vaidyagrama

  • Cancellation fees & Medical Insurance

  • Taxi fares to visit temples, neighbouring towns or villages during rest days

  •  Toilet tissue (yup- we do it the old fashion- we use water… its far more hygienic!)

  • Laundry

  •  Internet access

  • Bottled mineral water

  • Take-home herbal & mineral supplement

  • Tourist Visa for India

  • Tips and gratuities

After the Retreat you can:

  • Arrange to stay on at Vaidyagrama on the night of 21st January onwards to take a longer course of treatments, or just to stay and soak up the peaceful environment. If you would like to do this please notify Aparna when you send her your flight details.

  • Choose to explore the wonders of Tamil Nadu- there are wonderful temples and sacred laces to explore. Tiruvanamali- Sri Ramana Maharshi ashram and Arunachala hill.

  • Kerala the neighbouring state to Tamil Nadu is 45 minuates drive. You can visit the famous Keralan beaches or go to Fort Kochi for a more colonial experience.


“I’m not sure where to start really… my cup of gratitude is overflowing. Firstly for guiding me to be more “conscious” and make better decisions that support my overall health and well being and second of all for holding the space for me (and all of us) during this retreat. It has been the most humbling and revealing experience I have ever had. Thank you for your steadfast guidance, thoughtful self inquiry, rituals and wicked sense of humour! The fact that you’ve been here making our well being a priority has been such a medicine in itself. I arrived for this retreat 10 days ago- feeling overworked and unwell on all fronts. I leave tomorrow feeling calm, well and so very happy. I really feel I have done some very necessary clearing and pressed the re-set button. I also feel I am aligning myself to an intention for 2018, that is –  to re-establish a healthier, more sustainable relationships with my body and mind through work, daily routine, food, relationships with loved ones and with myself”.

(Charlotte, London)

Travel to and from COIMBATORE (Vaidyagrama)


The nearest airport is: COIMBATORE (CJB) in South India.

You can fly from UK to Chennai, Mumbai or Bangalore and then take an internal (JET AIRWAYS, JET SPICE, INDIGO) plane to COIMBATORE (CJB). You can also take a direct flight to KOCHI International (Kerala) and be picked up- 4hours drive to the venue. This will be at an extra cost for you.

Getting to the venue, Vaidyagrama:

Once you have booked your flights please send flight details to APARNA SARMA:

Aparna organises the bookings- she will schedule your taxi pick up from COIMBATORE airport (which will be included in the cost). Your taxi will drive you direct to Vaidyagrama which is only 45-75 mins away depending on traffic.

If you are arriving at a different location and need pick up- please also arrange with Aparna and pay the additional fee.