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Your own Self-Realization
is the greatest service
you can render the world.
— Sri Ramana Maharshi

My journey

In 2001, my mother, an established reiki and radionics practitioner, encouraged me to find a healing path to ease my mind and reduce severe insomnia. I started attending a weekly yoga class – and although there was not a great “ah-ha” moment, something kept drawing me back. With a consistent practice, noticeable and positive changes started to seep in to my life.

I later encountered the transformational practices of Ayurveda in Kerala in 2006. Little did I know that these ancient practices were to open up a deep chasm of intrigue, self-study and adventure which was to become a life path. It taught me to move through the ebbs and flows of life with greater ease and acceptance.


Before I knew it, years passed and my simple practice had become commitments. I began to “wake up”. Wake up to who I am, to what inspires me in life and my unique path in it.

Increasingly I felt the desire to teach, guide, inspire, uplift, mentor and help people find a greater understanding of themselves and life around them.

Using the tools of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and more Unitive Personal and Professional Development Coaching (TM), I now empower people to create better relationships with themselves and others, as well as cultivate a life of real health and fulfilment.

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I offer private sessions, workshops and courses across London, Berlin, Greece and India.

I mentor and coach people through life transitions and those wanting to life a wholehearted life on all levels.  I am also an Ayurvedic Health Care practitioner and offer regular one to one consultations on diet, routine and lifestyle for those wanting to make positive changes to their physical and emotional health. I teach, lecture and mentor on Yoga Teacher Trainings in London and Berlin. I have cultivated a form of body and energetic work called Sattvic Touch Therapy - a potent combination of hands on body and energy work combining the principles from traditional Thai massage, Ayurvedic Marma Therapy, Reiki and Intuitive Energy Work.


My work continues to evolve and integrate.

Every year, I still spend time in an Ayurvedic community in Tamil Nadu, South India where I guide Ayurveda retreats and continue my own studies with Dr A.R. Ramadas and with Myra Lewin of the Hale Pule School of Yoga & Ayurveda in the Pacific islands. 

This is a lifelong journey. I continue to explore, travel and spend time with teachers whom I believe communicate wisdom from a place of truth and non-judgment. This is how I choose to share.

I’m excited to work with you on your journey,



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may all beings everywhere be happy and free

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