about me

Your own Self-Realization
is the greatest service
you can render the world.
— Sri Ramana Maharshi

My journey

In 2001, my mother, an established reiki and radionics practitioner, encouraged me to find a healing path to ease my mind and reduce severe insomnia. I started attending a weekly yoga class – and although there was not a great “ah-ha” moment, something kept drawing me back. With a consistent practice, noticeable and positive changes started to seep in to my life.

I later encountered the transformational practices of Ayurveda in Kerala in 2006.

Little did I know that these ancient philosophies were to open a deep chasm of intrigue, self-study and adventure. I had no idea at the time that this would become a life path.


Before I knew it, years passed and my simple practices had become embedded rhythms in my life.

I began to “wake up”.

Increasingly people would show up in my life asking for help with various physical or emotional issues. Increasingly I felt moved to teach, guide, inspire, mentor and help people find a greater understanding of themselves and life around them.


You and ONLY YOU have the ability to heal yourself.

My role is clear. I offer insights, inspiration, perspectives and tools to awaken the inner healer in your life.

I empower you to create healthier relationships with yourself and others. This is how a life of real wellness and fulfilment is cultivated.

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Today, as a holistic health and wellness coach I assist people through life transitions and those wanting to find greater purpose, meaning and contentment.  

I use an array of tools as my offerings. These are (and not limited to): yoga practices; ayurvedic principles and philosophies; digestive health support; healing cooking and eating practices; guided healing meditation; Unitive personal and professional development coaching (TM); intuitive body and energy work. 

I also teach yoga, lecture and mentor on Yoga Teacher Trainings in London and Berlin.

I offer private sessions, workshops, courses and wellness retreats across London, Kent, Berlin, Greece and South India.


My work continues to evolve and integrate.

Every year, I spend time in an Ayurvedic community in Tamil Nadu, South India where I guide Ayurveda retreats and continue my own studies with Dr A.R. Ramadas and with Myra Lewin of the Hale Pule School of Yoga & Ayurveda in the Pacific islands. 

This is a lifelong journey. 

I continue to explore, travel and spend time with teachers whom I believe communicate wisdom from a place of truth and non-judgment.

This is how I choose to share.

Here’s to all that unfolds.



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may all beings everywhere be happy and free

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