5 elements

If you have even a little mastery over the 5 elements in you, life will happen the way you want it to

(Sad Guru)

Are you an executive, professional, teacher, artist, parent, spouse or simply wanting to live a more meaningful life?

The 5 Elements programme can support you to create more purpose, meaning and contentment in all that you do.

Why 5 Elements?

Ancient eastern philosophy and sciences state that by creating balance in the foundations of existence (the five elements), harmony and homeostasis can prevail in any person, place or thing.

All things in existence are viewed as different combinations of the 5 great elements (Pancha Maha Bhutas).

Even the most complex theories can be broken down in to the 5 elements.

Ancient science and wisdom is rooted in the science of nature. This is the science of the 5 elements.

Humans are biological organisms. Humans therefore have a 5 element structure.

The qualities of these 5 elements are present in every person, place or thing (including thoughts, emotions etc).

When the 5 Elements are balanced in each person, place or thing - harmony and homeostasis is established.

If these elements become disturbed (through environment etc) imbalance and suffering begins.

How does the 5 Elements programme do this?

We work in a way that supports your well being so that you can access your full capabilities. Further more you learn how to do this for yourself. 

The 5 Elements programme is a uniquely tailored programme specifically for you as an individual; for a community; executive team and/or organisation.

Through the 5 Elements Programme, we focus on and apply each of the elements to your specific situation/lifestyle:

  • EARTH - Regulate

  • WATER - Cultivate

  • Fire - Activate

  • AIR - Inspirate

  • ETHER - Integrate

I work one to one on Skype and in person, with individuals and executive teams as well as hosting personal retreats at your home, at a private retreat space in Sussex or other locations depending on what is needed for your unique context.

Please get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation where we can work together to find what best suits your needs.

Together we create a self care program to work with you, your body, lifestyle and what you are seeking.

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